208 North Vila street
Tehran, Iran
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8.00 - 17.00

Chemistry Faculty of Shahed University

Client Shahed University
Location Tehran, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction (C)

Project Detail


Contract Type
Tehran, Iran
Executive status
Final Handover
Physical progress
Commencement Date
Feb., 5, 1995
Initial Duration
20 months
 Brief Description & Technical Specification
Chemistry faculty of Shahed University, is located in the southern Tehran, near Imam Khomeini holy shrine. Bolandpayeh scope of work in this project was construction, procurement and installation of architectural, mechanical and electrical materials and equipment. Using exposed concrete methodology to construct 16 columns with a hexagonal shape of 1-meter diameter is the main feature of this project.
General works’ Quantity
Earth works 18,000 m³
Concreting 9,000 m³
Reinforcement 500 tons
Formworking 20,000 m²
Metal works 70 tons