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Dasht-e-Palang Dam

Client Bushehr Regional Water Authority
Location Bushehr, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction, Finance (CF)

Project Detail

Project Overview
Construction and financing of Dasht-e-Palang Dam was awarded to Boland Payeh Co. This project consists of an embankment and CDM dams. Dasht-e-Palang Dam is one of the only CDM dams in Iran. To construct this project, more than 52,000 Cubic meters of concrete and 3,840 tons of reinforcement rebar will be placed and 2,115,000 Cubic meters of earthwork and 85,500 square meters of formwork will be done.
Upon completion, Dasht-e-Palang Dam will not only prevent 72 million cubic meters of water to be wasted by going into Persian Gulf, but also provides necessary potable and industrial water for North Pars Industrial area.
Dashte Palang Dam is scheduled to be completed on 2017.
Key Facts
Concrete: 52,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 3,840 tons
Earthwork: 500,000 m3
Formwork: 85,000 m2