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Dasht-e-Palang Dam

Client Bushehr Regional Water Authority
Location Bushehr, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction, Finance (CF)

Project Detail

Executive status

Under Construction

Physical Progress


Commencement Date

Jul., 21, 2013

Initial Duration

48 months

(Due to lack of LC running by the

client, the project has been in deep

delay up to now)

General works’ Quantity

Earth works 500,000 m³

Concreting 52,000 m³

Reinforcement 4,000 tons

Formworking 85,000 m²

Pile works 11,000 ml

Brief Description

With the aim of managing and organizing the flow of “Dasht-ePalang” River for agriculture and urban use, Dasht-e Palang Earthfill-RCC dam has been considered for Bushehr city and it’s around regions. Currently, the project is under constructionby Bolandpayeh Co.

Technical Specification

The dam consists of two main parts; RCC and Earthfill.This type of dam is designed and would be constructed for the first time in Iran. The height of RCC part is 56 meters rom the base to the crest and the length of the crest is 800 meters. The height of earthfill part is 20 meters from the base to the crest and the length of the crest is 300 meters. The total capacity of the reservoir is about 150 million cubic meters.