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Zawraa Sport Complex

Client Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Scope Of Work Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Project Detail

Construction of Al-Zawra sport complex based on new FIFA standard’s stadium was awarded to BolandPayeh Co. as a turn-key contract with Ministry of Sports and youth of IRAQ (MOYS). Al-Zawra project consists of 6 major sections ; demolition of all existing structures, design and build a 12,500 seats stadium, 3,600 m2 guest house, swimming pool, (7000 m2 multipurpose sport halls, landscaping and access routes in the project.

Al-Zawra stadium, home of the one biggest and most popular football clubs in Iraq, is placed in a residential area in the middle of Baghdad, will provide exercise facilities for the estimated 8 million residences of Baghdad and fans of Al-Zawra football club can enjoy watching their favorite team.

Key Facts:

Contract type: EPC

Contract amount: 55,500,000,000 IQD (IRAQI DINARS)

Construction start date: 2016 Feb

Contract Duration: 26 months

Earth Works: 26,000m3

Concrete: 24,000 m3

Rebar Reinforcement: 2,728 tons

Form work: 80,200 m2

Compact area: 35,000 m2

Latest Total Progress Status on Jan 2019 = 57 % Actual Progress