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Grades & Awards


Based on President’s Deputy office for Strategic Planning & Control:

– First Grade in the field of Mine & Industry
– First Grade in the field of Power
– First Grade in the field of Water
– First Grade in the field of Construction and Building
– First Grade in the field of Installations & Equipment
– First Grade in the field of Road & Transportation




Based on Industrial Management Rating:

– Grade Cin the Power Sector

– Grade C in the Industry & Mining Sector

– Grade D in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Sector



Best Records

  • Tallest Structure in Iran (Milad Tower with 435 meters height)
  • Longest cable-stayed bridge in Middle East ( Great Lali Bridge with 500 meters length)
  • Longest metro line in Middle East (54% of Line 3 of Tehran metro which is 37 km long was done by Boland Payeh Co.)
  • Tallest cooling tower (Bisotoun Thermal power plant with 165 meters height)
  • Construction of 13 cooling towers by slip forming method
  • Continuous heavy lifting of 700 tons steel structure 280 meters from zero level (Stage 3 of Milad Tower)
  • Continuous heavy lifting of 400 tons antenna spire 435 meters from zero Level
  • Record of tunnel advancing, total of 60 m/day in Tehran Projects