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HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environment policy

Boland Payeh Company

  • We, Boland Payeh Co., believe all the personnel are responsible for health, safety and environment and comply with this responsibility is an important part of our duties.
  • Our goal is that our company and employees appear, act and behave to the highest level of health, safety and environment.
  • Working toward the highest levels of health, safety and protecting environment and constantly enhancing in this regard is responsibility of each and every one of us and improvement shall continue until our company is the role model in this aspect.
  • We, Boland Payeh Co., will do our utmost to diminish the negative influences of possible accidents in our projects to environment and executive team by using sophisticated HSE methods.
  • We, Boland Payeh Co., are aware of our duties toward health and safety and act according to the rules in chapter 12 of “Iranian National Building Rules”
  • Company’s management works toward providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees by fully supporting HSE plans and actions.
  • We, company’s employees, feel obligated to act according to HSE rules and regulations and continuously work toward correct implementation of these principles.
  • Every contractor cooperating with Boland Payeh Co. is responsible to act upon every principle in this policy based on terms in their contracts.
  • We, Boland Payeh Co., do our utmost to minimize negative impacts of projects to environment.
  • We, Boland Payeh Co., do our utmost to control our project’s health and act according to its regulations.
  • I, CEO of Boland Payeh Co, and my colleagues take responsibility to plan, implement, and constantly enhance our HSE policy and continuously act to implement every single statement of this policy in every company’s project until the proper implementation of the policy is assured.