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Iran SALCO South Aluminum Smelter

Client NFC china Nonferrous Metal industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co.
Location Lamerd, Fars, Iran
Scope Of Work PC

Project Detail

Project Overview
Civil works of South Aluminum Smelter (Package 1) is assigned to Boland Payeh Co. by Nonferrous Metal industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co. (NFC) of China.
Contract comprises of procurement, inspection and supply of the project materials and equipments, transportation to the site of the same and the performance to the construction, completion and testing of the works by the required date.
NFC was desirous to assign civil and structural works of South Aluminum smelter plant and to engage a technically competent Iranian firm to provide such services.  Regarding brilliant experinces of Boland Payeh Co. in this field, this project is awarded to the company.


Key Facts
Earthwork: 72,866 m3
Concrete works: 29,104 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 3,856 tons
Formwork: 97,273 m2