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Construction of Imam Khomeini Main Mosque Minarets

Client Tehran Musalla
Location Tehran, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction (C)

Project Detail

Project Overview
The substantial project of Imam Khomeini Public Mosque is one of the modern day iconic Islamic-cultural complexes, consisting of multiple functions including the nave of holiday prayers, rituals and ceremonial court, conference halls, Islamic community centers and museums. Construction of Concrete skeletons of the two main minarets of this project, 136m height each, has been completed by this company.
In order to increase speed and accuracy and reduce construction cost, slip forming method was used. More than 35,000 cubic meters of earthwork, 12,000 cubic meters of concrete, 2,600 tons of reinforcement rebar has been placed and 13,000 square meters of form work and 20 tons of steel work are performed to construct this unique modern day mosque.




Key Facts
Concrete: 12,000 m3
Earthwork: 35,000 m3
Steel reinforcement: 2,600 tons
Steel work: 20 tons
Form work: 13,000 m2