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Construction of Imam Khomeini Main Mosque Minarets

Client Tehran Musalla
Location Tehran, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction (C)

Project Detail

Tehran, Iran
Executive status
Final Handover
Physical progress
Commencement Date
Jun., 15 ,1997
Initial Duration
16 months 
Brief Description
Imam Khomeini Grand Mosque is one of the biggest cultural and religious complexes in the world. The complex consists of the pray seraglio, the Altar, the porch of martyr of the Altar, the apron and the veranda. The main usage of this complex is to held rituals, conferences, ceremonies and exhibitions. The two tallest minaret of the grand mosque was constructed by Bolandpayeh Company.
Technical Specifications
The total numbers of the minaret of Imam Khomeini grand mosque are 14.The two tallest minarets with a height of 140 meters which were constructed by Bolandpayeh, are the unique ones in the world.
General works’ Quantity
Earth works 35,000 m³
Concreting 12,000 m³
Reinforcement 3,000 tons
Sliding formwork 13,000 m²
Metal works 20 tons