208 North Vila street
Tehran, Iran
Sat - Wed
8.00 - 17.00

B4 Station,Ostad Moien, Tehran Metro

Client Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company
Location Tehran
Scope Of Work Construction (C)

Project Detail

Project Overview
Construction of B4 station of line 4 of Tehran metro was awarded to Boland Payeh Co. this project consists of excavation and execution of temporary structure, concrete structure of station and lateral space, finishing, mechanical & electrical installation.
To complete this project, more than 40,000 cubic meters of concrete and 2,000 tons of reinforcement rebar was placed and 83,000 cubic meters of earthwork and 50,000 square meters of formwork done.
Tehran metro facilitates transport of 14 million residence of metropolitan Tehran, and help to reduce air pollution and traffic. According to Tehran Metro, using metro decreases travel time by 27 minutes per day, and more than $100 million on fuel per year.
Key Facts
Earthwork: 83,000 m3
Concrete: 40,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar : 4,350 tons
Formwork: 50,000 m2