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Yaas1 Birjand Residential Complex

Client Civil & Production Power Engineering Co.
Location Birjand, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction (C)

Project Detail

Project Overview
Construction of 13 story Yas Residential(eastern & western blocks) was awarded to Boland Payeh Co. Yas residential block which has 292 residential units, has a land area of 13,000 m2 and is located in Birjand City, Khorasan Province.
Constructing residential high-rises is an economic and feasible solution to help providing Iranian families affordable houses. Yas residential block is one of the first residential high-rises in Birjand, and is built to help families own a home. To complete Yas residential block, more than 25,000 m3 of concrete and 2,000 tons of reinforcement rebar is used and 60,000 m2 of formwork has been done.
Yas residential project started in 2008 and was completed on 2011.

Key Facts

Concrete: 25,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 2,000 tons
Earthwork: 4,000 m3