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Our History
Bolandpayeh Company is a private company and operates as a General Contractor. It was established in 1992 with the goal of implementing and completing innovative and complicated projects from their inception to their handover which becomes the company slogan.
Bolandpayeh’s first executive experience was the design and build of four concrete cooling towers of Shahid Montazeri Powerplant in Isfahan, which was also an engineering milestone in Iran as it was the first concrete cooling tower designed and built-in Iran by an Iranian company.
The complexity and characteristic of Bolandpayeh’s early projects gave it the reputation for being a company with the capability to create the “Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects” interested in complex projects that have not been done by Iranian companies before. Bolandpayeh improved its reputation by completing a variety of projects such as dams, power plants, stadiums, subway and prestigious “Milad Tower” Project, which was the 4th tallest telecommunication tower in the world in 1995 and 6th in the present time.
In 2009, Bolandpayeh celebrated its first “Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Finance (EPCF) Contract of Lines No. 3 & 4 of Tehran Subway” followed by “BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) Contract of Multi Storey Parking of Mehrabad Airport”. With the growth of the company and to respond to its expansion, Bolandpayeh set up different subsidiaries to cover its different areas of needs in a more efficient way. In 2011 Bolandpayeh took another big step by entering in other markets in the Middle East and securing some landmark projects. It started with “Baghdad Athletic City” project as a turnkey contract and now the company has multiple projects outside of Iran.
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