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Deralok Hydropower Dam

Client Ministry of Electricity of Kurdistan
Location Deralok, Kurdistan, Iraq
Scope Of Work Engineering, Procurement & Construction(EPC)

Project Detail

Brief Description

Deralok Dam and Hydro-Powerplant is under construction on the Great ZAB River, located in Deralok, Kurdistan region, Iraq. The Great ZAB River is in the western Iran Plateau which was originated from the south-eastern mountains of Turkey. The length of the river is about 400 kilometers and after passing through the west Zargros in the northern Iraq, connect to Tigris River near Mosul. A Japanese financial institute, JAICA, is now financing the project and the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services are now ongoing by Bolandpayeh as a member of a Joint Venture.Bolandpayeh’s scope pf work in this project is the civil works, roads and landscaping, structural, mechanical,electrical, architectural and monitoring works. The project final target is to increase the capability of producing power for the Kurdistan region and Iraq in an Eco-Friendly manner. There are 2 Kaplan directive turbines to produce totally 38 megawatts of electricity.


Technical Specification

The project consists of 8 scopes of works; The concrete dam body with 3 gated spillways and 2 ungraded spillways of 29 meters high from the base of its foundation and a crest length of 119 meters, The main intake structure, The power tunnel with a lenghth of 100 meters and diameters of 17.5 meters, The desalting basin, The charge chamber The power intake building, The powerhouse and The tailrace channel. There is an Ancient Bridge called Galya as a historical symbol of the region which should be maintained

Execution Status:

Under Construction

Physical Progress


Commencement Date

Jul., 30, 2015

Initial Duraion

38 months