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Tehran, Iran
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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Boland Payeh’s vision is to be one of the most reputable construction companies by continuously improving in every aspects of its operation, become a frontier in excellence, leadership and innovation in construction, and solve the engineering challenges in the most efficient and green way.


Boland Payeh Co. is a commercial entity working as a general contractor in construction industry to fulfill its goals and improve level of technical and executive knowledge of the industry in alignment  with improving humanity.
Boland Payeh Co is an active frontier in delivering professional management, engineering, procurement and construction of mega projects in variety of industries with the environment in full focus.
Boland Payeh’s goal is improving and expanding itself to manage technical and challenging projects within the local market and abroad with the neighboring countries in mind. Furthermore, we lay the groundwork for our prominent clients to find investors and financiers.
Boland Payeh’s success derives from paying close attention to its commitments and quality as well as finding innovative solutions which give us a competitive advantage. Our philosophy id to stay true to ourselves in offering expert services by capitalizing in our organizational knowledge and staff’s expertise.


Core Values
Sustainability: We believe that one of our most important moral obligations is to take care of environment and make sure we do our best to keep it as green as it is, or even help it get greener. We try to leave as small foot print as we possibly can even if it means we have to complete our project in a more challenging way.
Innovation: We like to approach the projects that not many others like to do. We believe it is always possible to solve engineering problems in a simpler way, and we plan to introduce new technologies to our country and region whenever possible.
Ethics: Boland Payeh is committed to the highest standards of ethical conducts, and has put this commitment as its priority in every activity. We believe approaching our business partners, clients and society with fairness, honest and good will, will ensure we keep the trust of our partners to our company which is among our greatest assets.
People: In Boland Payeh, we believe in equal opportunity. We select our new colleagues on equal basis and treat all our employees with mutual respect. Just like our employees help us grow, we help our employees grow by helping them take part in classes, providing them opportunities to grow in the company and supporting their new ideas.