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Tehran, Iran
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Atlas Plaza Commercial Complex (Eastern Part)

Client Setareh Atlas Pars
Location Tehran, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction (C)

Project Detail

Project Overview
Excavation, drainage, Construction and all other operations related to east side of Atlas Plaza commercial complex has been awarded to Boland Payeh Co. Upon completion, this project, which has a land area of 75,000 m2, will be one of the biggest and most luxury complexes in Iran.
This 32-storey complex will have 137,000 m2 of commercial area, 59,000 m2 of administrational area and more than 5,000 parking spots. More than 124,000 m3 of concrete and 11,000 tons of reinforcement rebar should be placed to complete this project.
Atlas Plaza complex is located in Abbas Abad and by Haghani metro station. In addition to commercial and administrational space, Atlas Plaze offers a 5 star hotel, recreational space, play land, multiple galleries and spectacular view of Tehran.
As of Auguest 2015, Atlas Plaza project progress is 60% and is scheduled to be completed by late 2016.



Key Facts
Land Area: 75,000 m2
Total surface area: 412,000 m2
Concrete: 160,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 10,934 tons
earthwork: 9,000m3