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Concrete Crude oil Tanks of Omidieh

Client Petroleum Engineering and Development Company
Location Maroon, Iran
Scope Of Work Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Project Detail

Contract Type


Procurement & Construction


Maroun & Omidieh, Iran

Executive Status

Contract Termination

Physical Progress


Commencement Date

Dec., 10, 2002

Initial Duration

18 months


Brief Description &

Technical Specification

The project includes two concrete tanks with a capacity of one million barrels and two concrete tanks with a capacity of 500 thousand barrels. Due to strict requirements on waterproofing the tanks regarding the environmental aspects, the tanks was designed and built using sliding formwork system to prevent the fuel penetration into the nature. Maroun-Omidieh strategic oil

tanks are the first and the only.


General works’ Quantity

 concrete ones in Iran.

Earth works 2,500,000 m3

Concreting 75,000 m3

Reinforcement 14,000 tons

Formworking 8,000 m2

Sliding formwork 75,000 m2