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Tehran, Iran
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Hangar and Annex No. 2 of Imam Khomeini Airport

Client Republic Islamic of Iran Airlines
Location Tehran, Iran
Scope Of Work Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Project Detail

Contract Type
Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Tehran, Iran
Executive Status
Initial Handover
Physical progress
Commencement Date
Mar., 17, 2009
Initial Duration
13 months 
Brief Description
The Second Air Hanger of Iran Air Co., for Airbus Series A, A300-600, and its annex building in 4 floors with a total area of 36,000 square meters was designed and built by Bolandpayeh.
Technical Specification
General geometry of this Air-Hanger, includes a gate with 59 meters width and a salon with 60*60 meters plan and a height of 20 meters.
The annex has 4 floors with a total area of 36,000 square meters. The structure works includes:
1-Foundation, base slab and truss roof of the Air-Hanger
2-Foundation, wall, beam and slab of the annex building
3-Pump room, water tank, electrical room and façade work
General works’ Quantity
Earth works 4,000 m³
Concreting 7,000 m³
Reinforcement 1,000 tons
Formworking 25,000 m²
Metal works 1,000 tons
The mechanical, electrical and plumbing works include:
1-Firefighting system (Water and foam)
2-Fire alarm (smoke and fire)
3-Water distribution system
4-Exhaust system and air compressor
5-Electrical panel
6-Lighting and lightning system