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Concrete Fuel Tanks of Iranshahr Thermal Power Plant

Client Iran Power Development Company
Location Iranshahr, Sistan Iran
Scope Of Work Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Project Detail

Project Overview
Beside design and construction of concrete fuel tank of Mofatteh power plant, Design and construction of 60,000 m3 concrete fuel tank of Iranshahr thermal plant was also awarded to Boland Payeh Co.
BP has chosen concrete over steel to construct Iranshahr fuel tank, which is a better alternative in terms of initial and overall construction cost, construction time, acid corrosion, and construction safety. In order to increase speed and accuracy and reduce the cost, slip forming method was used to construct Iranshahr concrete fuel tank. To construct this project, more than 3,000 tons of reinforcement rebars and 22,000 m3 of concrete has been used.
Concrete fuel tank provides a safe fuel container for thermal plant to use and store enough fuel for some month in case of emergency.
This project started on 18, March, 2009 and was completed in 2011.
Key Facts
Earthwork: 60,000 m3
Concrete: 22,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 3,000 ton
Capacity :60,000 m3