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Ahar-Meshkin’shahr Road

Client Ministry of road and municiopality
Location Ahar-Meshkin’shahr, Iran
Scope Of Work Construction

Project Detail

Contract Type
Ahar-Meshkin’shahr, Iran
Executive status
Under Construction
Commencement Date
Sep., 2019
Initial Date
36 Months
Brief Description &
Technical Specifications
The execution process of the first part of Ahar-Meshkin’shahr Road in the East Azerbayjan Province, includes excavation, masonry, concreting and pavement works. The road length of this part is 18 kilometers. The main target of executing this road is to modify the current situation of the existing road by increasing its service width from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. The project topography and natural ground shape is full of mountains and hills. The road axial slope is about 2 %, the width slope is about 4 % and the shoulders have a slope of 6 %.
General Works’ Quantity
Earth Works 1.5 million m³
Base and Sub-Base 140,000 m³
Pavement 3 million m²
Concreting 50,000 m³
Reinforcement 1,000 tons
Formworking 54,000 m²
Metal works 500 tons