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Tehran, Iran
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Milad Multi-Purpose Telecommunication Tower

Client Yademan Sazeh Company
Location Tehran, Iran
Scope Of Work Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Project Detail

Contract Type
Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Tehran, Iran
Executive Status
Final Handover
Physical Progress
Commencement Date
Sep., 28, 1995
Initial Duration
43 month
General works’ Quantity
Earth works 130,000 m³
Concreting 85,000 m³
Reinforcement 11,000 tons
Formworking 10,000 m²
Sliding formwork 85,000 m²
Metal works 26,000 tons
Brief Description
Milad Tower has been designed and built by Bolandpayeh, with the aim of providing telecommunication and media services including “wireless access network”, Digital TV System and Radio Waves coverage optimization and wireless network coverage optimization.The tower also is a memorial structure and a symbol for the country. This tower is one of the most prominent projects in the middle east which is currently under operation. Milad tower is the 17th tallest self-stand structure which has been built by human beings up to now. Milad tower, with a height of 435 meters from the foundation level to the tip of antenna, is known as the 4th tallest telecommunication tower while it was under construction and currently as the 6th tallest ones.


Technical Specification
As a super structure, Milad Tower has almost 150 thousand tons weight. It stands at 435 meters from the base to the tip of the antenna. The tower consists of five main parts; foundation, lobby, shaft, head and antenna mast. The geometrical cross-section of the shaft starts from the base with an octagonal shape, continue with a linearly decreasing diameter in the shaft and finally reach to the target dome at the head level. The foundation height is 14 meters including a circle-shaped mat-type one and a transitional structure with a height of 10 meters and 4 meters thick. The foundation diameter is 66 meters. The lobby building is considered around the main shaft in 6 floors. The area of the lobby building is 17 thousand square meters (equal to three football fields) including admin, service and commercial spaces and museum. The shaft is a concrete structure with an octagonal shape; at the start point with a diameter of 28 meters and at the end point with a diameter of 17 meters. In 3 sides of the shaft 6 Elevators is considered with the capacity of 25 persons and a velocity of 7 meters per seconds. The head structure is a steel one, between the level +245 to +315 meters from the base, with a total weight of about 25 thousand tons. The head structure is a big building with an area of 12 thousand square meters (equal to two and half football fields) in 12 floors which is one of the tallest head structures among the telecommunication towers in the world. The main parts of the head structure has been constructed on the ground and then pulled up and located in its final position. After that it has been completed and installed in its final position on the height of 245 meters. The head structure was equipped with a safe fire zone for being used during crisis and fire events in the apex building. The mentioned part has been constructed in the height of 254 meters with an area of 460 square meters. This zone since occurrence of event and conducting the relief and rescue operation and exiting from the apex building has the capacity of placing up to 600 people. The antenna mast height is 120 meters and divided  into 4 sectors. The first sector is onsidered for the wireless network access and internet services and the other sector is considered for the media services. The tower has been executed by continuous concreting methodology, using sliding formwork technology. The specific and strategic situation of the tower led to implement of an inevitable measurement and monitoring system during the construction and operation period.