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Concrete Cooling Towers of Shahid Montazeri Power Plant

Client Tavanir Co.
Location Isfahan, Iran
Scope Of Work EC (Engineering and Construction)

Project Detail

Project Overview
Concrete cooling towers of Shahid Montazeri power plant was the first ever concrete cooling tower constructed in Iran, and was engineered and built by Boland Payeh Co. This project which consists of four cooling towers, is the first project to use the advance method of Polikon-U5 type Slip forms in Iran.
Since this project was the first of its kind in Iran and to ensure this project will be built with highest quality, BP cooperated with international companies to design the 200 MW, 118 m height towers. More than 37,000 m3 of concrete, 5,100 tons of reinforcement rebar and 222,000 m2 form work was used and 57,000 m3 of earthworks was done.
Shahid Montazeri power plant is one of the biggest power plants in Iran, which generates enough electricity for Isfahan region. The construction of this project was started in 1993, and was completed on 1997.


Key Facts
Capacity: 4*250 MW
Height: 118.5 m
Diameter of bottom: 109 m
Concrete works: 37,000 m3
Reinforcement rebar: 5,100 ton
Formwork: 222,000 m2
Earthworks: 57,000 m3